NAIM ir RC5 protocol codeset for amplifiers

I was looking for a solution to replace all the remote controls of my equipment. The irplus android app was doing the job for the rest of my devices, but not for the naim amp.

I read that the narcom 5 remote control works with the RC5 protocol from Phillips. And I’ve found information of its reference codeset in wikipedia, but I needed to confirm the system code used (0x10 Preamp ) and the carrier fequency (36khz). In this forum there are people interested in this issue, but I didn’t found specific information

For those, like me, interested in alternative methods to control their amplifiers, Naim support team has released the code list.

In my case I use the android app “irplus”. You can find the related configuration file and the RC5 code list used by Naim in the irplus github page

I didn’t succeed in getting the discrete commands to work. In particular, the fast volume codes did’t work for my naim nait xs3. Due that I set the repeat frequency to 50ms to get the regular volume works in a proper way


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