Naim Logo - Switch Off?

It runs in my mind that the naim logo can be switched off on some products. Is this possible on 282 or NDX2?

Perhaps I’m recalling my old 272.


You certainly can’t do it on the 282. If you can with the NDX2, it may be in the online manual thingy.

Hmmm. Yes I checked the ‘thingy’ but no mention so thought here may give some insight. Thanks HH.


As far as I know, there’s no way to turn it off on the NDX2.

Why do you want to?

It ran in my mind that it was possible and I do like to switch all the unnecessaries off!

Maybe it’s the 272 I’m remembering?


I rather like the green illumination of the Naim logo. Not so much though the green LED of my Allo USBridge Sig — it’s far too bright to my taste. So I repurposed one of my son’s Lego Batmans — the right size and colour to effectively stop the intrusion…

You can certainly do it on the 272 - mine is set for logo off when muted.

Thanks! Glad I wasn’t imagining it!


The old Unitiqute would switch off the logo to show when it was muted.


These are the options on the 272. It’s perhaps odd that the new streamers are less flexible.


Isn’t there some EU legislation which states that there must be some sort of indication when equipment is powered on?

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