Naim made Linn Linnk

I’m working from home during this pandemic and decided to take some time off :slight_smile: in order to clean out my HI Fi closet.

One of the items I came across was an old Naim made Linn Linnk MC preamp with its power supply that I had forgotten all about.

Just curious, Is this pretty much a combo of Naim MC and line level cards similar to the cards used in the 32 series preamps?

Anyone else have one?

Stay Well, chaps.

I briefly had one that came with a bunch of old Naim pieces I bought, although somehow I didn’t have the PSU to go with it and then it went in a trade along with some of the other kit I didn’t need. As such, I never tried it out.

IIRC, it was made by Naim from '81-'83 for Linn as an active MC phono stage for use into the an AUX input on an amplifier.

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:small_blue_diamond:@Diogenes,…A friend in our group has one.

Around 2011-2012,.so we “tested” :wink: it against a Linn Uphorik.
This Linn/Naim Linnk,.actually still sounds good.
But,.as usual let it “sit” in the music-system for a week or more,before you start listening critically.

I’m not sure,.but I think there was a model that had battery-operation as well.
I have to check this out with my friend.
I don’t have a picture of this Linnk,.and my friend is not home.
Can you add a picture of this Linnk.

It is nice made,.looks like a small Naim.
Heavy metall case as the Naim cases.
External powersupply.

Moving coil cartridge pre-amp
Designed and made in England
1 9 8 1

• Gain 57dB at 1kHz
• Nominal input 100yV at 1kHz
• Nominal output 70mV
• Output is RIAA equalised to suit auxiliary inputs
• Overload Margin 40dB
Z in 390 ohm // 7n5F


Richard Dane, Yes, it is indeed an MC phono to line level preamp. Ought to be perfectly satisfactory when used with the UnitiLite and OC9 in a second system.

I was hoping to learn a bit more about it but the only info I was able to get was from an old thread over on pinkfishmedia where the consensus of opinion was that the Linnk is based on the circuit of the old 323 cards. Interestingly they mention posts on the Naim forum , but a search here did not turn up anything. Was there another Naim forum, no longer active?

Richard Dane, do you think Naim would be willing to release service info and circuit diagrams?

Peder, the bare specs are as you say. They are printed on the case.

Can post some cellphone photos later. Monday’s are usually busy.

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I would certainly think that Naim should be able to service a Linnk. I doubt though that there’s any circuit diagrams around these days though.

Yes, there may be info from the old forum, which is now held in the forum archive;

I should have a review somewhere on file, I’ll see what i can find.

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Thanks Richard Dane.

A 10 second search turned up this thread:

Here you go…

Thanks for the scan Richard Dane.

Ah, the Good Old Days, when components were actually tested and reviewers knew enough to comment on circuit design. Nice to see data on the Linnk. So noise some 10 dB higher and distortion 20dB greater than the best gear. ‘Adequate’ performance though, ought to be be fine in a second system.

Can’t attach photos. Does this forum allow uploads?

Yup, just click on the upload (Add an image) button in the reply box.

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