Naim Monopoly

Just noticed on the @cymbiosis site, two weeks old and I’m sure I haven’t missed it here, Naim have been nominated for a square on a Salisbury edition of the game.
Something for the collectors?


When I saw the title I was hoping for a complete Monopoly set. Once you’d bought a preamp power amp and source you could add four power supplies and eventually buy a statement. Imagine the rent!! Instead of Super Tax we could have pay for a service and instead of jail we could have system struck by lightning. Maybe I’m on to something.


I trust the makers will gift one to the KGB for use as a training tool for Russian spies…


The rules would need to stipulate that you have to buy a Fraim before progressing beyond a Nova.


Not forgetting the mandatory radial spurs!!

One of the Community Chest actions would be to read the entire 7k posts in the Ethernet cabkes and switch mania thread, or take a Chance.


I wonder what the equivalent of Go Back to Old Kent Road would be…

That’s an easy one, obviously, “Go back to Salt Lane”


… wow if that is the cheapest in Salisbury they are not that cheap are they…
So what is the Salisbury equivalent of Advance to Mayfair then?

Climb the world famous spire.

Would that be the same tall pointy thing that the Russians were unable to find?

You have come in contact with Russian Nerve Agent in the high street. Go to Jail. Do not pass Go. Do not collect 200 pounds.

200 pounds won’t get you far in Naimonopoly…

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