Naim Mu-so 2, connection and streaming issues

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I am new here and to Naim products in general, and hence, I have a couple of questions and observations that I may be frowned upon. But that is ok.

Firstly, there seems to be a problem with my Mu-so 2’s Bluetooth connection. Namely, the Naim app gets stuck in Bluetooth mode from time to time. When it is stuck, I cannot stream anything. The only way to circumvent this is through resetting the device, or so I’ve noticed. Has anyone else come across with this, or is this a known issue? Are there any other work-arounds?

Secondly, I find that the Tidal SQ (Hifi quality) through the Naim app, or otherwise, is too soft for my taste. Just not enough clarity in highs and mids. I’ve now compared different services, and the one that is satisfying is Deezer Hifi through Bluetooth with some mild equalizer tweaks to emphasize high frequencies. It has to also be noted that I have fiddled with the loudness and room compensation settings of the Mu-so quite thoroughly. And the Mu-so 2 has a wired connection. Regarding this, am I thick or deaf or is this to be expected from a Tidal + Mu-so 2 combo? I thought the Tidal was supposed to be the best available when it comes to quality? Tidal does not have an equalizer, and that is the (my) problem.

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I’ve noticed a similar issue with Bluetooth on Mu-so QB 2nd Gen and Mu-So 2nd gen too. Occasionally I will ask Alexa to connect to the Mu-so speaker and then find there’s no sound. The only way I’ve found to address this is to reboot the Mu-so / Mu-so QB. It doesn’t happen all the time, but often enough to notice. I used to have the original 1st gen Mu-so and Mu-so QB and they never had this issue with BT connections.

I may look to raise a support case as it’s probably just a bug that needs ironing out.

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Thanks for the reply Krankor.

I also sent a question regarding the stuck Bluetooth issue to Naim’s technical support, so a case has already been raised. Though it will make the case more meaningful if more reports of the same were made.

Also, regarding the Mu-so 2’s Bluetooth capabilities, it just dawned on me that they have ditched the aptX from the newest version.? It is listed for the 1st gen device but not for the 2nd gen. The reason for doing this escapes me, so could you more educated ones explain it to me.


I never realised aptX was dropped from the 2nd Gen Mu-So range. A quick google search brought up an AVForums Mu-so 2nd review where they say " Bluetooth on the 2nd Generation Mu-so doesn’t support aptX and is now SBC and AAC only. "

I’m not a regular user of BT on the Mu-so’s but occasionally when friends are around we all enjoy asking Alexa to play various songs and having it connect to the Mu-so is great.

The majority of my own listening is done through Airplay/chromecast connections from the native Tidal app as it’s so convenient.

In the meantime I’ll look to raise a support case too (for the BT connection issue).


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Thanks again.

I tried to use the service through Chromecast, but it produces an EXTREMELY flat sound. It also rendered the Deezer app’s equalizer non-functional. Can one fiddle with the Chromecast sound quality through Google Home?

I have the same BT connection issues with Alexa and the Mu-so 2. I rarely use BT but my daughter does so is quite annoying to have to restart the Mu-so to get the connection working again.


My initial experience with Mu-so 2 was constant rebooting instead of listening. Naim’s support was not the firm I’d been committed too. I don’t know if the issue was the Bluetooth settings or something in my home. In the end I gave up, moved the Mu-so to another room near my router and attached Audio-Quest Ethernet cable. Immediately I had a wonderful speaker and access to musical broadcasts around the world. It was everything I wanted, just not where I wanted. Mu-so’s are perfect gift for my adult children, high-value and within reach, but for the moment the Bluetooth problems and poor support have made me gift shy. It would serve Naim and her loyal customers well for the support to come out of the shadows.
Good luck, I hope someone from Naim will come forward.


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