Naim Mu-so 2 optical input

I am using my Naim Mu-So 2 also as soundbar for my TV, Samsung Q85. Tried to use the HDMI input but it just doesn’t work well, is very unstable. So I have to use the optical input. The problem is that the level is very low, I must set the volume at least to 60%. On other inputs this would be way too much. Is this normal behavior?
Thanks, Calin.

It could well be normal; it will depend on your TV. It depend on what the manufacturer did with regard to the 2 channel setting - often a mix down is at a much lower level than native 2 channel.

HDMI ARC is great in theory, but rarely in practice. I’ve been told by some in the industry that the standards that are in place are rarely stuck to by the big TV makers, and there can be difference s from one model to the next, which makes things tricky for everyone else. And don’t get me started on the HDMI connector. I find HDMI infuriating on just about every Av item I own. Heaven forbid any HDMI connections that are inaccessible, so you can’t do the old plug and unplug to get something working properly…


I have a Panasonic tv and use the Muso 2 as a sound bar, I get very good results with HDMI, it did take a while to get the correct tv settings. I have the volume set to 4 bars, not sure where this is in percent.
I also have a trim option on the optical out on the tv to adjust the volume, does the Samsung have any adjustment. The Muso 2 also has a trim on the inputs have you set this to +10?

It is like this with my Nova, but not on my NDX2.

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Phil Harris had a sticky on the old forum that explained this issue, but it’s almost impossible to find anything in the archive unfortunately.



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I connect my old Panasonic plasma to the NDX2 via Bluetooth and it …simply works

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You are so right about the HDMI! It worked only once (I have no idea how I manage to make it work, something with the order I started the devices) but after I turned off the TV and later back on, it went berserk and started to cycle between TV speaker as output and HDMI as output !

Unfortunately Samsung provides a very limited customization in regards to sound. But indeed Mu-So 2 has it and it really improves the situation. Thank you very much for the hint !

I never was able to get the HDMI working between my Samsung Frame TV and the Muso-2. I continue to use the TV speakers. I was going to try the optical but did not feel like tinkering around with it. Accessing the Muso inputs requires flipping it to get to it’s underside.

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Was it this one?



It was! You are a more patient searcher than me Neil!


Many thanks. All clear now.

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