Naim Mu-So 2nd Gen and WiFi connection

Hi all

I know that this has been a much discussed topic before on here but I wondered if there had been any resolution?

I bought recently a Naim Mu-So 2 (along with a Uniti Atom and waiting on a Mu-so Qb 2) and whilst the build quality and sound is great, I cannot get it to retain its connection to the WiFi.

I have reset it to factory settings, deleted and reinstalled the app and rebooted my phone more times than I can now recall, to no avail. I get about 1-2 hours of functionality then it drops again. Not great for a ÂŁ1,300 piece of kit from such a renowned player in the market.

I have Virgin 1GB broadband and use an iPhone 12 Pro Max

I sent Naim support an email last Wednesday and have heard nothing from them (apart from the obligatory acknowledgment email).

I don’t want to send the unit back for a refund and cancel my Qb 2 but if it ain’t doing what it’s supposed to do then no alternative.

I cannot understand how such a well established company in the analogue space has made such a hash of developing a well functioning, intuitive app and a robust WiFi protocol in the hardware, in the digital world?

Anyway, does anybody know of a fix for this, other than a trip back to the retailer with it?


I have Virgin and find that I need to reboot my virgin box about once a month to stop various bits of equipment from losing connection now and again, my untilite, two laptops and an iPad have suffered from this, strangely Android devices don’t. So if you haven’t already tried this I would try rebooting the virgin box and all the Naim gear. Powering on the virgin box first and then a couple of minutes later the naim gear.

That being said, Naim really should have got back to you but I know they are very busy due to Covid19 rules.

My Gen 1 Muso QB is rock solid now I have fed it a decent wifi signal. A Ubiqiti range extender works for me and also enables me to stream HD video at the bottom of a 300ft garden. Worth every penny.

I’ve had various, very similar issues with my Qb2 and Muso 2.

The only thing that seems to have cured it for me is to switch off the 5Ghz bit of my router (BT) so it only works on one band. It’s been rock solid ever since.
I tried going back to dual band a while back, but it played up again and gave up.

The other issue was that neither muso ever showed up on my wifes iPad. I reset her network settings (ooh matron) and that worked and both musos now visible in the naim app all the time.

I will try again with switching the 5Ghz back on sometime and see what happens.

Really hope you get it sorted; nothing more frustrating.

Having the same/similar problems myself but with Sky Q wi-fi rather than Virgin. Muso 2 not seen for Chromecast or seen but refuses to connect. This is despite the Muso apparently being connected on the WiFi network (white light shown on side).

I have just set up a wired connection and so far (2 days) that seems to work. Thinking about disabling my 5ghz signal but not sure if that will effect any other part of my wi-fi set up in the house?

It hasn’t done anything noticeable to my other devices, but I really am the opposite of a tech guru. Going into the settings of my router itself was outside my comfort zone

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I’ve had a Muso 2nd Gen for 3 weeks now, replacing a 1st Gen. Both used on wifi and both very robust in my experience. I use Unifi wireless access points rather than the in-built wifi in my Sky router - my experience has been wifi in IP provider’s boxes is not very reliable and the Unifi stuff has been really good (for work also - no issues doing hours a day of Teams calls at the moment).

Hi Gary

Don’t despair. I have a variety of naim kit throughout the house working in a mixed wireless and wired environment with no problems at all.
Our ISP until recently was Virgin 350gb and now 1gb with BT.

The constant irrespective of service provider is the Linksys router which I decided to use rather than the free ones that come with the package. Setting this up with Virgin was really a piece of cake. You just have set the virgin kit up as a modem then let the Linksys do the rest. Easy set up instructions for the linksys are on line so I won’t include them here, but the result is rock solid wifi.

Apart from extended wireless range, a high quality routers from Linksys or Netgear will allow you to separate the 5GHz and 2.4GHz channels. Giving you two login options rather than one.

I live in an old three story house, my wife works on the top floor and listens wirelessly to a Qb, and listen wirelessly to a Nova in my ground floor office. The Linksys router is located on the middle floor and is wired to all our AV kit including an ND555 and our QNAP NAS containing 5600 albums of music.

The Nova and Qb stream perfectly and never miss a beat. Even on multiroom the mixed network works perfectly. With everything being perfectly synchronised.

All streaming products are dependent on the reliability of third party routers. And any free router will have been supplied by a company that bid the lowest amount to the ISP.

It’s odd that most HiFi enthusiasts think nothing of spending a few hundred pounds on analogue cables, but are often reluctant to invest their digital infrastructure.

I feel sure that if you do invest and upgrade your router the issues you’re experiencing will become a thing of the past. .


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