Naim Mu-so with Turntable

Hi everyone! I’m considering to buy Naim Mu-so for hook up with my turntable. Mine is Audio-Technica with rega phono. The point is I’ve heard so many times that it’s bad if the speaker place next to the turntable. You can see in the picture that I place the turntable is on the right and my old bluetooth ‘pro audio’ speaker on the left. Seems that the low volume did no effect to it. But the Muso is like 450W powered right?

If it can place like this would be alright. or else…any solution? Please help.

It should be fine, bear in mind the only connection you could use is the 3.5mm stereo jack socket on the right hand side as line in.

Thanks for your reply. I think that the connection should be alright. I already have hooked rega phono with my Pro Audio bluetooth speaker (that small white speaker) by using rca to 3.5mm cable.

I just worried about the feedback from the bigger speaker (like the mu-so2) sitting next to my turntable.

Hi, I would keep the muso away from the turntable as best you can. If not, look at getting an isolation platform for the TT. The Isoacoustic Zazen is good value and will help.

Nice one! So I just place my TT on this one and put the speaker on the same table?

Only if you cannot separate the two at all.
Be best if they were on different supports.
Even a wall mount turntable support would be better.

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