Naim muso 11 optical cable

Please can anyone tell me if there will be much difference in music quality using a Tangent CD11 with my muso 2 and a standard optical cable or will a more expensive one make that much difference .

Hi @Bantam, welcome to the Naim forum

There’s not much difference between optical ‘cable’, the limiting factor is the Toslink connections.
Look for well made, well fitting terminals. It may well be you pay a little more to get these, but it’s normally just a few £€$ at the well known www stores, no point in the boutique/exotic mad money cables.

Hi @Bantam Some years ago I had music files stored on a dedicated MacMini and used an optical cable to connect it to an nDAC. I tried a basic cable and an expensive Wireworld glass fibre model and preferred the latter by some margin. But the nDAC and the rest of the system were pretty revealing and your use case is quite different. It would be foolish to spend more than your CD player on a cable, so I would follow Mike’s advice and go for any reasonably priced cable with decent terminals.


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