Naim muso 2 - Qobuz quality

Hi. I have just taken out a Qobuz subscription.

There are two options when controlling by phone. Either play music via the naim app or use the Qobuz app and cast it (by Chromecast I think).

I prefer the Qobuz app look and functionalities but would I lose quality going this way?

You can use AirPlay, Chromecast or Bluetooth to cast from a phone to a Muso. AirPlay will not give you anything above 16/44.1, regular CD quality. Chromecast might, but I would still be surprised if it sounded as good as Qobuz native from the Naim app.

I tend to browse and search in the Qobuz app, but play from the Naim app. It’s simple enough to flit between them.


Thank you. Is there any debugging information available within the naim app to determine what bit depth and bit rate the Chromecast method can make use of?

I believe Chomecast supports 24/96 but don’t make a bet on it.

I have Roon and Qubuz and use that, for NDX2, Atom, Mu-so2 and Mu-so Qb2 in my house. It all works and sounds great.

I use an Apple iPad Pro 12.9 as a Roon controller. FWIW: I hate the Naim app. I really don’t want to use my iPhone as a controller for anything.

Here’s the official explanation……


Thanks for sharing that link. It answers it perfectly.

The ChromeCast Audio hockey puck streamers can handle 24/96. I’m pretty sure I’ve read (most likely on this forum) that the ChromeCast technology can handle 24/192.

Edit - it looks like ChrisSU beat me to it.

Ah, yes. I read that and stopped using ChromeCast for my Naim streamers. I still use it in other situations.

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