Naim Muso 2 - soundscape is flat


I just recently bought a Muso 2. I use the Muso 2 as a sound bar for my TV and as a wireless speaker in a multi-room setup (Airplay) with several Beosound Balance speakers.

When I compare the sound of the Muso 2 I find it a tad to clinical. The sound is very tight and clear, but it lacks in warmth and dynamics. Particularly at lower volumes. Compared to the sound from my Beosound Balance… the soundscape is to “simple”

The simplistic soundscape is probably due to type of music I play… but also because I like a tad more bass/warmth.

Any tips on how to increase bass on the Muso 2? Will there ever be an configurable EQ on the Muso 2?

Cheers from Norway.


You have the rear wall proximity setting which adjusts the bass shelf depending on whether the drivers are within or beyond 20cms of a solid wall. You also have the loudness control, which compensates for our lack of perceived bass and dynamics at low volume.

Beyond that, I find that like many speakers, it’s not immune to effects of the room and if it’s in a place where there’s a bass null then there’s not much you can do about it save re-positioning it - perhaps not so easy when it’s being used as a soundbar…

Thanks for your input Richard. I’ve tried to fiddle around with the room compensation, loudness and room placement. But it’s only resulted in minor differences in soundscape.

I know that asking for an adjustable EQ compares to swearing in Naim-church… but that’s what I think the Muso really needs.

I think Richard’s point about room position is worth considering. Perhaps as a test you can move the Muso around the room to see if the problem persists. As an initial test, try standing in some corners or doorways and see if you hear more bass there just to give you an idea of this issue.
If you can’t permanently move the Muso, at least you will then know if this is the cause of your problem.
If you want to explore digital room correction there are some good options out there. Roon would be one way to do this, at a cost, but it’s a good way to use difital eq to correct difficult rooms.

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