Naim Muso QB 2 is stuck on the purple light and doesn't play sound

Device: Naim Muso QB 2
Serial Number: 1512040944
I have this Naim speaker which is currently stuck on the purple light and doesn’t play sound. I have tried resetting the speaker many times (Holding the reset button for 6-20s), plugged the internet ethernet cable directly to connect the speaker to the network (But the light is solid purple, not white like normal). Sometimes the speaker goes into update mode with a blue light on the back of the speaker, but I leave it for a few days and the process doesn’t complete, it only run the light like updating when I plug a USB into the back of the speaker. I have tried to access the speaker’s IP address to try to update the Firmware to fix the error but without success. Hope someone can send us the speaker’s firmware file so we can perform a Manual Update, or show me how to fix this error. The images below show what appears when I accessed the speaker’s IP address, but there is no information about the device

Hi, the purple light indicates that the device cannot connect to your network. I suggest that you revert to WiFi if that is how it was working previously. Then disconnect the power lead, restart your router, then reconnect the power.

If the network connection is not restored then try a factory reset and commence setup as if it was a new device.

If the firmware needs to be updated it is normally done over the network, so you need to re-establish the connection first.

I have done that many times. My speaker cannot connect to any network (wire or wireless). The is light always purple. Reset many times, but if I hold the reset button for about 40-50s the light turn Blue then stay like that for few days. I just need the firmware file so that I can do the update manually, I think that is the only way to fix this speaker. Thank you!

I suggest you contact Naim support.

I have sent 2 emails to Naim Support since October 30, but up to now there has been no response.

Did you receive a ticket number by return e-mail? If not, check your junk mail folder.

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