Naim MuSo: weird network behvior with Spotify Connect and Airplay

It’s been a while now that I’m experiencing strange network behavior from my MuSo 1st gen.
At first I noticed that sometimes it was disappearing from my AirPlay device list and sometimes it wasn’t recognized by the Naim iOS app. So I moved it to the wired network and in the main lan (it was on my IOT lan before).
Things started to get better but:

  1. I have a Logitech Media Server with an AirPlay bridge: sometimes the Naim MuSo is not detected despite the mdns-scan finds it everytime.
  2. (more strange and weird) yesterday it happened twice that while listening to Spotify via spotify connect the stream stopped in the middle of the song. The spotify app disconnected from the MuSo and the MuSo was unreachable via network (not via the App not via web interface, not via ping). The only way to recover the situation was to unplug the MuSo and restart it.

With connectivity issues, I would make sure there aren’t any settings in the mu-so that could cause conflict.

Find out the IP address and put the numbers into a browser, you just need to use 192.168.x.x format and the web control page will pop up.
Make sure the airplay password is blank.

Also check the dhcp settings as mentioned here:

Thanks. I already checked: AirPlay password is blank and no dhcp reservation is set up on the router.
The web interface is accessible… until it isn’t anymore as I wrote above.
The last two times it happened while listening to Spotify through spotify connect.

You should double check how it is set up in the qb, those settings can override the router eg specify a fixed ip or a different subnet mask etc.
Just to rule out any peculiarities in the network setup that might impact spotify connectivity.
Of course it could always be an issue with spotify or even your ISP.

On the web interface of the MuSo (it’s not a QB) the flag on DHCP is on.
I think it’s using DHCP.

Any other hint? Or check I can perform?

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