Naim Muso?

I am thinking about buying a Naim 2nd Edition Muso for my office.

Is there any difference between the Special editions and the standard editions?

I think the only difference is the finish just bought one for the bedroom very impressed indeed so much so it looks as if I will update my Qb that is used in the Conservatory in early spring.

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I have a muso 2 in some fancy wood finish. Bought as it was cheaper than the regular black version. But will sound the same.

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I have seen the Bentley edition as opposed to the standard edition …considerable difference in cost?

There was a premium for the specials (Bentley, Dune) over the regular one.
It’s just the finish, otherwise they are identical.

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The Bentley edition is about £300 more?

Just how good is that finish!!

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