Naim NA 523-2

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I hope everyone is well. I have a question about Naim NA 523 -2 MC phono boards. Can I fit them too my Naim nait 3 amplifier hope not to much of a daft question but I don’t want to damage the amp if there not a a precise fit.


I’m 99% sure that the answer is no. Perhaps @Richard.Dane would confirm.

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Even if it was possible, I would question the wisdom of putting a highly sensitive MC phono stage inside an integrated amp. Putting one in a Naim preamp keeps it well clear of the power amp and power supply, where the potentially harmful high current are found which can degrade the very sensitive line level signal from an MC cartridge.

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You can, but… It’s something that wasn’t recommended by Naim because their very high gain could pick up noise from the transformer close by. Naim did used to offer a shielding kit for those who insisted, but shielding is best avoided for optimum sound performance, so a compromise.

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So was the 522 MM card the recommended way to go for the NAIT 3 (Just curious)?

Ah, I didn’t know they’d actually fit.

Et voila!
(with 522/2)

Photo from @Vuuk’s thread from a couple of years ago. I wonder whether he managed to get it fixed, his (thread closed after the usual 60 days).

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Yes, or no cards (NA526 cards, if phono cards had already been fitted previously), if you wanted an extra line level input.

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Thanks for all this information… so I have further questions.

  1. Does the Naim nait 3 come with a pre fitted phono stage?

  2. If I need to purchase a separate internal phono stage which one is it?

  3. I have a NAD PP 02 external phono preamp will this be sufficient running a rega planar 3 simili pearl cart mm


The NAIT 3 came with a line level input on the RCAs as standard, or could be ordered with NA522 MM phono cards (I can’t recall whether fitted at Naim or by the dealer).

If you need the boards, then they are NA522 MM phono cards. If the NAIT 3 is still set as standard line level then you will need to cut the link wires on the main board when you fit phono cards.

The NAD is fine to get you going but the internal boards would likely be better.

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