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First time here so please go gentle with me. I have recently acquired a Naim Nac 92 pre-amp and was hoping to run my record player through it. I have had a look inside and it has two boards with the reference NA526/1. Can anyone help me as to what these boards are and will my record player work with a MM cartridge. Many thanks in advance.

Being gentle…

Have you had a look in the FAQ section? Preamplifier daughterboards section.

Get back after having a look there if still unsure.


A more helpful response would be that your NA526 boards are suitable for “line level” inputs such as CD, Tape, iThing, Streamer(analogue).

For your moving magnet cartridge, you will need to acquire a pair of NA522 boards

Finding out for oneself can be a wonderful experience.

Further help was offered. I could go on about being a teacher and the lack of curiosity in young people …

Just in case, the FAQ is hard to find…

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Thank you all for your help. A little confused as in the FAQ for daughter boards it states for a NAC92 that the link board is a NA326 and I have a NA526.

Or, instead of being patronising, you could look at the post following Richard’s and then go read the FAQ yourself…

Yes the FAQ includes a few errors in that section… :grin:

The daughter boards for the 82, 92, 102 and (I assume but have not checked) the NAIT3 are all 5xx.

Sorry, I was not being patronising, just new to Naim hifi and new to the forum site. Trying to navigate and understand.

Nothing to apologise for, that comment was not directed at you

Well spotted. Now corrected. Thank you.

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Ok thank you :smile:

Thank you very much all three of you. My question has been answered. Dare I ask another question tomorrow on the other Naim hifi I have. :smile: Regards Sirquinity

Glad it was sorted. Lots of useful information can be found in the FAQs section. And if the answer is not found someone will be willing to advise you (though I don’t think I was patronising).

Dunno, two questions in two days…should we be charging for that many, Richard? :laughing: :laughing:

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