Naim Nac 282 and Subwoofer connection

I’m going from a Supernait 2 to a 282/250 DR.

Supernait 2 has a sub rca output that I use for connect active Sub SVS.

I have NDS connectet to Supernait 2.

The NAC 282 preamplifier has no sub rca outputs.

How will I connect the SUB to the Naim Nac 282?

Maybe I could use the NDS RCA analog output simultaneously with the NDS DIN analog output?

The DIN analog output of the NDS is currently connected to Supernait 2.

Would I lose something in audio quality?

You will need to use one of the preamp outputs on whichever power supply you use to power the NAC282 (Hicap or supercap). You should slug the
Lead though - iirc Naim used to fit a 100r resistor to the DIN plug on their own sub lead.

I do not understand.

Do I have to use an output of 282 on the Hi-Cap Dr or Supercap DR?

Which power supply will you be using on the NAC282?

You will need to connect to one of the 4 pin outputs on your hicap, or on your Supercap if you get one of those. You need to make sure it is the right sort of lead. This is because it will be longer than usual so may need a resistor. The alternative is to use a high level signal from the back of your speakers to the sub. On the other hand you may find that with the better amplifier you don’t need a sub at all.

I am evaluating between Supercap DR or a single Hi-Cap DR

In fact already the Proac Response D48 ribbon not need a sub.

They go very well down and probably a Sub would also ruin the sound scene.

So I will probably only use the sub when I watch a blu-ray movie.

Could I know where I could buy the cable to connect my HiCap DR (connected to Naim 282 preamplifier) to my Subwoofer SVS SB13-Ultra (with XLR or RCA inputs) ?

The length of the cable must be approximately 2 meters.

Thank you

The Naim sub lead I’m not sure is still available to buy new - you could try asking your Naim dealer. It was available in 5 or 10m length. You might find one available somewhere secondhand though. Any lead you use will need to be very low in capacitance and may also need to be slugged with a resistor to ensure the Hicap remains stable (it was never designed to drive long cables).

I purchased the DIN 4 poles -> RCA cable and thank you very much for your advice.

Now I’d like to know where I have to connect the DIN part to my HiCap DR.

To socket 4 I connect the Naim 282.

To socket 3 I connect the Naim NAP 250 DR.

Socket 1 (AUX Output) and Socket 2 (Amp 2 - passive - Amp 1 - active - other HiCap) remain free.

To which of these two Sockets should I connect the cable which then goes to the active Subwoofer?

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You can use either. Using socket 2 will keep signal path shortest (by a tiny bit).

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