Naim NAC-A5 and in box powercable

What is your experience. Do you use your Naim amp with NAC-A5 speaker cable and do you use the power cord that comes with the amp in the box or do you prefer another brand for the best result? And tell me why? Looking forward to your answers. Cheers Smooth

I use Naim cables for all the other stuff, such as power (Powerline lite), Naim interconnect (Naim Lavender SNAIC - DIN), Naim power amp cables (XLR to DIN) and of course the Naim burndys.

The reason, they just work (i.e already matched and approved to use with the system) and paramount, I like the way they sound.

To my mind, there is enough of a rabbit’s hole with matching speakers and positioning them, to NAS and streaming source transports (routers, wired vs wireless etc) that I choose to remove variables.

Therefore, I now use a Naim support for my kit (Naim Fraim), all the kit on the rack is made by Naim, and it’s all interconnected by Naim wires.

I can’t speak for the NAC-A5, but given the above rational, I’ve just switched to it too.

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CB250 with NACA5 and a Powerline Lite.

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Powerline lites, hi line interconnect and NACA5


Olive 52/SC135s with Powerline Lites, supplied Hiline between the streamer and the pre, the speaker cable is NACA4! Must get round to updating the A4 at some point.

Powerlines on my CDS3 and amps. All interconnects Naim and Superlumina ic between CDS3>282. Chord Odyssey speaker cable.



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I use the stock power cords that came with the amps. I have tried various types of power cords ranging up to £300 throughout the years and in my experience, minimal difference in sound quality, almost negligible. I haven’t tried a Powerline.

I also use NACA5 at the moment but it’s an interim arrangement. Compared to the Chord Epic Twin the NACA5 sounds less 3-dimensional with reduced bass and treble extension (bass doesn’t go as deep with less punch, treble less sweet and illuminating).

Powerlines on all Naim equipment, 3 runs of NACA 5 to amps. Sounds great and is the way Naim designed it. Two A/V Options cryo powerstrips connect to the wall outlet.

What was the difference between the regular din and the hi line din in your set up?

Slightly clearer treble and bass. Not a massive difference.

I have NACA5 but need a longer cable so I just ordered a 10m pair of WitchHat Phantom with AQ 500 silver bananas. For power I have been using AV Options TibiaPlus12 cables, but want to replace with PowerLine. I have one so far that I put on my SuperCap. Next I’ll get them for 300PS and XPR. I might try one on my phonostage too (which has a TibiaPlus 12 now). HiLine connects the NDX2 to 252. Transparent Cable Ultra RCA connects the phonostage.

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