Naim Nac-N 272

Hello - would anyone be able to advise if I can connect a turntable with built in phono stage to the Naim N 272 please?

Analogue input.

The N272 has 2 sets of RCA-type analog inputs, and one DIN analog input. You should have no problems.

Thank you. I’m now up and running and enjoying the ritual of rediscovering vinyl! But I’ve got one gremlin - when I select the analogue input on the nac 272, there can be a delay whilst sound is played. Sometimes I have to cycle through the inputs a number of times to get it to throw out the music. Have I done anything silly? Thank you.

That sounds like a fault to me
I would speak to your dealer…I don’t remember my 272 having any such issues

Maybe a factory reset can solve it.

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