Naim Nac282 - Lower Bank of Buttons

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What are you asking?

Answering the implied question in the subject:

The lower bank of buttons select which source is being sent to record out on the tape, hdd and av loops. This can be used to record something different from what is being listened to, or to monitor the recording if using a suitably equipped recording device.

The other use, which I was using a lot, is to have a Headline and listen to one source via headphones while the speakers are playing something else. (Kids watching TV in my case)

Thanks! You guessed my question - I accidentally posted without realizing I did so…

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I’ve got a tube headphone amp - plan is to listen to headphones via the 282. No headline.

Just need the correct Din (Record Out) to RCA/XLR cable depending on what your HPA takes.

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