Naim Naca5 soldering

How would you rate the soldering of this dealer?

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I’ve seen a lot worse!

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Looks ok.

What do the pins look like? If the joint is warmed up slowly until the melting point of the solder is reached the pins have chance to get hot, causing the plating to evaporate. Pins should be bright and shiny, not dull and discoloured.

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Looks ok to me too…



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Looks fine to me

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Bright and shiny solder would indicate everything looks OK to me.



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The joints look well formed and properly fused, with no evidence of dryness and the solder looks like it has flowed well into the cable. There is no burning of the insulation which perhaps could be a little closer on the right side. There looks like a tiny amount of flux splatter around the base of the pilar which could be cleaned off.
I’d be happy with that.

I state this, having passed several soldering trade tests during my engineering apprenticeship, although many years ago.


How do they sound? If really engaging and uplifting your spirits then it’s a good job done.

Now we all want to know how they sound of course!

Haha, I don’t have them yet. I asked these photo’s from a dealer to see if their soldering is any good as I am contemplating to buy from them

Wise to do just that, it’s not easy to get right and takes a lot of time building up a muscle memory to end up with the right result.
Reminds me I have a spare longer 5m set that need a refresh I had made up for a different listening room and haven’t used for some time.

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Well, their soldering looks good to me.

Why do they call it “soddering” in the USA?

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