Naim NAIT 1 advice

For years my Naim NAIT1 bought in 1983 has been packed away as we did not have room for a separate HiFi Room. We have just moved to a larger house and I hooked the NAIT up, but immediately experienced an earth loop. I seem to remember in the past I used to run my old Logic turntable through it, but had a cable running from the pickup to the earth link on the NAIT. I now want to play CDs through the NAIM. Has anyone got any advice on how I might cure the earth loop issue.

Do you still get the hum with nothing connected and what is connected to it ?

Has it ever been serviced as the hum could be a sign that something is amiss if it’s been packed away for a while ?

And welcome :grinning:

As James says, it may indicate need for a service.

You will find the output voltage from a CDP will be so high it will limit the volume control movement to something very small until it goes far too load.
I connect my Naim-2 (it has the same problem) via a 16dB attenuation L-Pad. (it’s my own design & made)

Yeah I picked up a pre-owned Russ Andrews attenuated RCA to DIN -11db to connect a modern line-level to the Nait 1. It gives a little more play on the volume dial. Actually could use a bit more; perhaps -15db would have been better. Still not sure I like the sound better than my old Chord Cobra though.

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