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Hello Naim audio community,
Question? Attempting to recap 1 of my 2 1983 model Nait 1 amp. Serial number 11xxx or so.Elna capacitors are installed throughout the entire board . Looking to upgrade. Was this brand all original caps used by Naim ? If so, need some advise on choosing a brand that I can move forward with achieving my recap. Obviously looking for the best performance throughout whole spectrum. Any input would be greatly appreciated! Thanks ahead of time.

Welcome to the forum and a good choice of amp. Unfortunately DIY discussions aren’t allowed on the forum. I’d recommend a trip back to Naim for this little gem.

The rules state ‘modification’. I would not necessarily put recapping into that category myself, but can see how it’s a bit of a grey area.
In addition, the actual quesion is whether the brand of caps that are in there are original. I’ve seen parts and their brand being discussed here. From transformers to fuses to cabling, etc.

Perhaps Richard can clarify?



If you are wanting to return this to a state like it would have left the factory, then return it to the factory. But hopefully they will not use caps from 1983.
If you are going to break out a soldering iron, then just make sure you keep any other brand of caps to the same capacity and voltage. Yes, other forums will have ideas on other brands.
Electrolitic Caps degrade, amongst other things by drying out. And in Amps this is accelerated by heat. And 105 Deg C should be more tolerant to drying out than 85 Deg C ones.

Naim still put a lot of care into their component choice and pairing. Authorised Naim agents also use Naim matched components.

DIY work inside Naim kit is definitely outside of forum AUP.

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