Naim NAIT 2 and Turntable question

My first post here :slight_smile:

I recently got my first Naim product and it is an olive Naim NAIT 2! What a way to join the camp right?

I love it, and want to partner it with a Rega turntable.

Before I commit to purchase a Rega TT model I would like to hear from NAIT 2 owners or connoisseurs where do you think the Nait 2 might become the weakest link in the chain among the possible pairings?

  1. Nait 2 + Rega P2

  2. Nait 2 + Rega P3

  3. Nait 2 + Rega P6

  4. Nait 2 + Rega P8

  5. Nait 2 + Rega P10


If your answer is what is the best to go with the a Nait 2, I don’t think Rega 1 and 2 will get the best, maybe a 10 will be lost on a Nait 2.

This leaves 3, 6 and possibly 8.

I would also l👀k at a Technics 1500 or 1210

Best wishes


Completely agree with @Ian2001 .

If you are set on a Rega, then P6 for that level of amp.


The 6 would be my first choice also , though both the 3 and 6 can be tweaked upwards .

I drool over the Technics turntables though

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… is what I had. It’s slightly noisier intrinsically from the Nait 2 uninhibited transparency but it sounds fantastic and very realistic.
P3 or P6 would be great as well, it’s probably getting the cartridge that would suit the Nait 2 best to think about?

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Me too but I think the OP has their heart set on a Rega. In my experience, a P6 with a different cartridge and power supply starts to cost close to the 8. Turntables are like cars. They never really cost the floor price (ohhh you want seats and a steering wheel too? That’ll be extra)… Except the SL1500 :wink:


Great…!! And have you had it serviced - or do you know its recently been done…?

Servicing Is A Naim Thing.

TT wise, P3 would be my suggestion.

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The original NAIT was a wonderfully vivacious little amp, but the flip side of that was that it demanded the very best front end if it wasn’t to sound a bit ragged and little uncouth. In short, it did not suffer poor sources well. Which meant in those days you were best fronting it with a Linn LP12, preferably with an Ittok, at the very least. The NAIT2 was a bit more forgiving and not quite so demanding, but still an LP12 with perhaps a Basik arm was the sort of minimum level front end you wanted to get the best from it.

To that end, from your list, I’d be looking at least at a P6, preferably a P8, and even a P10. Marry any of those with a top flight cartridge (perhaps the new top MM from Rega, which sounded fab at Bristol recently) and a suitable pair of speakers - Royd Minstrels, Edens, Rega ELAs, etc… and I reckon you’d have wonderful little system that would be up there with best in musical engagement.


None of the above :slight_smile:

‘Source First’ and all that.

I’ve not heard a better amp than the Nait 2 in terms of up and at you enthusiastic fun, except the Nait of course :grin:


I use a Nait 2 with a P10 and a P8. I use other amps also. The internal phono is very good but sounds best with my external phono stage. All this into speakers costing quite a bit more than the Nait 2. Sky is the limit. I’ve had the Nait 2 for years. It’s not going anywhere.

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What cartridge do you have?

It was recently serviced, by previous owner, thanks.

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It’s really enjoyable to listen to, and it performs some magical tricks by bringing vocals to the forefront of the mix while adding depth, ensuring a tonal balance that it’s neither thin nor strident.

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Glad to hear it. Thanks.

At the time I had the AT 540ML

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