Naim Nait 3 missing screws

Hello all,

I have such question to owners of Nait3:

Got recently Nait3, but without all screws mounting casing from underneath.

Anyone know what size, and where I can buy proper all screws.


Are you sure it’s screws you need here? On the 3 series casing most units used a type of plastic fastener - an insert and a pin. IIRC Naim don’t have any stocks of these any more, which may be why yours came without them. In which case you may need to improvise something.

You can usually source such items from car spares dealers, as they use these for the door trims etc on most cars.

I’m quite surprised, that there is no screws.
Actually I’ve noticed only holes underneath, I didn’t check if there are any threads inside :wink:
It’s my first NAIM.

Sure, I will find some plastic fasteners. Car spares dealer is a right address.

Thanks for help.

I could be wrong but I thought there was a thread about a similar topic recently. IIRC @NeilS gave the name of a company that supplied the plastic fastenings.

(Apologies if I have got it completely wrong.)


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