Naim Nait 3-Overheating?

Case is very warm almost hot to the touch. Is this normal?
SBLs,Naca5,CDI with music nice and loud 10 o clock position.

Warm, hot & cold are relative
Temperature is a number, what is that number on your amp.

It depends, is it an early one?

The early NAIT3s had an issue where, IIRC, a resistor could get overly hot. Hope enough to brown the PCB in that area. Most all should have been modified by Naim by now, but there may still be the odd one or two out there without this. @NeilS can maybe enlighten more here.

That’s correct Richard, the early Nait3 & 90/3 had the bias transistor mounted on the component side of the board. This meant that over a very long period of time, the transistor could not track the heatsink temperature effectively, meaning the amp stage temperature would gradually grow from warmer to extremely hot (thermal runaway). The later ones have the transistor on the solder side, closer to the heatsink/chassis.
If this modification has not been done, I’d advise having the unit serviced & updated ASAP, otherwise the PCB will be damaged beyond repair.


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Thank you!

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