Naim nait 3

Hi all hope everyone is well. I’m thinking if purchasing a Naim nait 3 to partner a rega planar 3 I have had since 1989 it’s for the spare room I will be using again mission speakers any thoughts

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Which Mission Speakers are you using? While I do like my Naims with my 25 year old Mission 731i I simply prefer to run a Cyrus 8Dac - it was the combination of Cyrus and Mission that brought me to Hifi in first place. Still remember that first listening session of Cyrus 3 with Mission 751!

Hi thanks for the reply I have a pair of mission 751 that have been around since dot thinking of using them

MM phono stage was an optional extra on Nait 3 so bear this in mind. My Nait 3 is still going strong, now in my daughter’s house, serviced once since purchase in about 1996. The speaker sockets are soldered on, and snap off the PCB easily (especially with non-Naim speaker plugs). This is important to check on a 2nd hand Nait 3.

Look out for a NAIT3R - you get remote control and some say also slightly better performance. As Bunter advises above, be sure to only use the NAIM SA8 speaker connectors on the NAIT3 as the sockets are PCB mounted and so excessive torsional forces from individual banana plugs can stress the solder joints.

Having owned a pair of 751 Freedom I alway felt the needed a bit of power to come alive - fell in love with them on a Cyrus 3 but when I owned tried them with Rega, Linn, and some tube amps. I like the Nait 3 but still have a feeling the Cyrus will simply bring them to life even more!

One who’s had a NAIT3 here. It’s FUN! Worth having one however.

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Nait 3 is a classic. Do it…superb musicality

I’d hold out for a split Nait 3R. :sunglasses:

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