Naim Nait 3

Hi, I am the owner of a nait 3 and looking to enhance the sound. I have read a number of discussions on NACs but unclear on what model. Any ideas on how to improve?

Nait 3 (with phono) + Linn Sondek LP 12 (c1980) + Dali Pico (Soon to be Dali Zensor 5)


LP12 “circa 1980”…any changes to the Linn since then?


Budget? Do you want to stick with an integrated or go pre- power,



The Nait 3 is very good, IMO, and I’d look to your source first; however, If your source is up to the extra scrutiny, 72/140 would be an excellent choice.

Hi Steviebee, up until last year it was 100% original. Unfortunately a brick fell down my chimney and well…image

Lesson learnt, hifi should not be kept in old fireplaces. Fortunately there was a local Linn dealer who restored it, the plinth et al was saved but a rega tonearm was used as the only one available at the time was more than the turntable was worth

Oh my goodness… what a sad sight.

Hi Lindsay, I’m not too sure yet. It’s a second system and I’m very happy with the nait it’s self. I’m hoping you guys can give some advise/ counsel/ insight on what you think or would do…

Thank you

Yikes! :scream:

Thank you Alba1320, that helps. In your opinion what changes would you expect with the suggested mods?

Lindsay, sorry budget is £200-£400

Ouch! That looks heart breaking!

I guess it’s worth deciding if you like the attack and pace of olive or a slightly more “mature” sound of the black boxes.

If you love the olive Sound then by and large every step is a good one (would prob by pass the 102/180) but 72/140 or 250 is very nice.

Prob worth seeing when the NAIT was last serviced and then decide from there I.e. a service or a full on upgrade.

I would advocate having a chat with your local dealer and do some demoing as if one box is your thing the Uniti / atom range would be well worth a listen.


Budget wise, there’s probably not much you can do with the amplification - at a guess, 72/140 would likely be circa. £800.

As Farthings-cat mentions, it might be worth getting the Nait 3 serviced, if that is (over?)due?

Thanks Gary, again really good advice.
I really do enjoy the Nait and wouldn’t want to part with it. It was serviced in 2014. I just like to keep old things old if that makes sense. I like the story behind the components so would like to keep it partnered with mods that are of a similar age and from the same family (probably one of few forums I can say that on).
Even though it’s my second system it does get played for a few hours every other day, I just want to squeeze the hidden drops of sound out of it

Pleased to say, it’s now back up and running…


Thanks Alba, yes that’s the catch 22. I know I can get more from it but I also know it’s a pricey investment to do that. I was hoping you guys can shed some light on things, which you have, I guess I need to sit tight and keep an eye open for bargains on the selected products mentioned… that’s the fun part I guess, until like most hifi enthusiasts when the patience gives and we cave in

You’re welcome, I like your outlook regarding keeping hold of things, nice.

I started my Naim journey with a Nait 3 mid to late 90’s so have fond memories of it - enjoy.


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Well if you like the NAIT 3 (I have no experience of it myself), how about a better cartridge. I assume the Rega arm is a R300 which will take a wide range of cartridges.

Definitely and exactly right, that does need to go. A valid point and that will make a huge difference. Any you would recommend?

Presumably the NAIT only takes moving magnets - I think so - I’d look at something by Audio Technica, Goldring or Dynavector.

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@Rockstarish If the Nait 3 has been serviced and you have Naca5 speaker wires then I reckon it’s all smiles with your new speakers.

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You can turn a Nait 3 into a NAC by a simple mod. You would then need a separate power amp, and you then have the option of adding a Flatcap to further upgrade the preamp performance. To be honest, I’ve never done this myself, so I can’t say what sort of gains it brings. You might decide it’s easier just to trade it in for a different pre/power amp.