Naim Nait 5 SI speakers match

Hi guys,
I am a proud owner of Naim nait 5SI.
I like to know your speakers match with this amp.
I own a Q Acoustics 3050i.
I like to know does anybody try Dynaudio Emit M 20 speakers with this amp?

Hi Krasan & welcome.

The NAIT 5Si is a very fine amplifier indeed, but before we get going here, we may need just a little more information to go on…

  1. What is your source component?
  2. What cables are you currently using?
  3. Why are you looking to change your current speakers?

I hope that’s not too many questions for you.

I have the 5SI amp and Cd player - into Focal Cobalt 816’s - bought new before the Naim Focal link up.
I’ve had the speakers many years and since getting the Naims I’m discovering what they can do.

The Dynaudio Emit M20s will also go well with the 5Si, i remember hearing those at my dealer and thought they sounded really nice. The system then was both the CD5Si and NAIT 5Si, using the supplied DIN cable and Naim’s own NAC A5 speaker cables. I can’t recall what speaker stands they were using though.:thinking:

I’d try the Emit M10s as well. You might be surprised.

Source for music is turntable Pro ject Debut Evo
Streamer is xiaomi.
Speaker cable is Qed x40I
Conecting cable is Audioquest Tower
Power cable is Supra
Dac is Shiit Modi.

Ok, cool. What sort of improvement are you looking to achieve by changing your speakers?

I’m not familiar with your streamer or DAC so i can’t comment on those i’m afraid, sorryfor that. However, i have owned a ND5 XS 2 with a NAIT 5si and that was a great system, although i ran mine with a pair of NEAT Motive SX2 floor-standers, which were an excellent match for the baby NAIT. Maybe you can visit a dealer who stocks the Dynaudio Emit 10/20s and hopefully they will offer you a listen to few others just for a bit of fun & interest.

Hope all goes well. Enjoy :slightly_smiling_face::+1:

Your Nait is fine as are your loudspeakers.
Dynaudio have IME a laid back but natural sound.

In fact those I have heard and owned required a bit more power than you have (unless little room)
I’d also look at older s/h Dynaudios as these are considered better than some of the more recent editions.

There are bargains out there, not sure your amp is up to them in generel, maybe search for Dynaudio entry levels.