Naim nait 5i recap

Hi everyone . Last year i bought a pre loved nait 5i. So far i love this amp. So i was reading about recapping. Naim advises to recap after 10/12 years. This amp is from 2006 so it probably can use one. So here in Holland the cost will be around €350. But a pre loved nait 5si cost around €750 on the used market. My question is what would be the beter choice? Recap or next step? Thanks in advance

My initial thought is have it recapped and it will last another twelve years, and more importantly sound good for another ten /twelve years - but ask 100 people on this forum and you will get 101 answers


I would go with getting it serviced as well, it will sound like new when you get it back and good for 10 or so years.


I had my Nait 3 serviced, made a lovely difference. At the time I wasn’t in the market for an amp upgrade.

I since replaced the Nait 3 with a Nait XS3 (about 2 yrs after the service), after saving hard. The XS3 is lovely, but my serviced Nait 3 was excellent and I enjoyed a lot of music through it. If it was me then I’d get the 5i serviced and think about a bigger upgrade in time… a few nDACs sold on auction sites recently for £800 odd. I bet Bluesound>ndac>5i would be an interesting setup.

I also had a loaner 5i whilst my 3 was away. It was fabulous, better than my Nait 3 by some way. I think a recapped 5i, using the €400 you’d save over the si as the start of a fund for a source upgrade, would be what I’d do.


I have a Nait 5. Nobody seemed to rate the amp high, but some members on this forum whom I trust do rate it. So I got it for under GBP 300. It is 20 years old now, so I got it serviced. I have loads of other Naim amps around and I know that when I would sell the Nait 5 on, I would get something different which I would also appreciate but the Nait 5 is just fine … so why moving up or sideways?

I got it serviced and is now operating with a serviced hicap too. Peace of mind. Good music for the next 15 years again.

But I am eying a source upgrade for sure!


Thanks a lot guys. I am leaning more towards a recap and save up for a proper upgrade.

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