Naim Nait 5i should it be turned off

can find a schematic of the first naim nait 5i. I also want to see what capacitors are used

Indeed, the modern components have a standby setting to keep certain sensitive components constantly powered for maximum performance … I also think it was to comply wholly or in part with modern consumer electronics legislation on low standby power consumption.

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I’d ignore it and turn off at nights and when out.

The amp in question won’t “repair itself” by being on 24/7.

the capacitors definitely need replacing. It’s not broken. Work normal.

found this picture of Naim nait 5i. I showed it to the tech and he was not impressed either. He said that the capacitor that is c112 is Chinese and cheap, and that it will not be possible to find a good one. Do you have any information on this capacitor? Where are these Naim amplifiers assembled? According to the tech they are from China

All Naim amps were made in the UK at Naim’s factory in Salisbury. Of course many components will be sourced from overseas suppliers.

especially this c112 capacitor is Chinese and there is no way it can be replaced with a nicer one

What’s the problem with it? If it’s just that it was made in China you are screwed, because virtually everything is made in China these days.

because I was misled that only quality components are used in Naim.

OK but you seem to think that these components are of poor quality just because they are Chinese. Naim put a huge amount of effort into selecting components that work well in their amplifiers, and a more expensive one isn’t necessarily a better match for any particular design.

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If your amp is from 2001, you may well have the Nait 5 and not the Nait 5i.

Furthermore, people have opinions about components used often but these ‘know betters’ usually don’t setup a sustainable business for over 50 years. The better approach is to sell on the amp and get a few models up to get better components.

Our Nait 5 is used at least 10 hours a day, I bought it for Euro 325 and got it approved serviced. It’s quite unbelievable the value this amp has given us with the cheap Chinese components in it :slight_smile:

If you want a relatively cheap Naim approved service for your amp, you might look at LASA in Italy. They are within the EU so it saves you the hassle sending it to the UK.

No doubt Naim created Nait 5i as a cost-down entrylevel product without preamp - its a poweramp with volume and input selector as I see it.
It happened after the short lived Nait 5 was discontinued.

In fact I liked the 5i performance, more power than Nait 5, it needed a bit volume though to shine, sounded muffled at low volume.
Later came Nait 5i in revised editions.

sounds muffled to me at low volume too. The question is, is it worth it to give 200 usd for a recap

At over 20 years old it’s not going to sound as good as it should. Only you can decide if it’s worth spending money on compared to what else you could get for your budget. For some context, the current version of the Nait 5 sells for £1500 in the UK.

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I found someone to recap my amp. But he said there was no point in this thing and I’d better sell it and buy a nice amp. Do you think so?

Is this the guy who thinks the amp is bad because the caps are too cheap? If so I am suspicious of his opinions.
Still, there’s no harm in looking around to see what else you could get for the same price.


Yes, it’s the same person. He also said that these cheap capacitors are difficult to remove and there is a risk of damage. The amplifier was not of good quality and does not deserve to be given additional funds for prevention and recap. It couldn’t have played any better than now. Does anyone know why this type of capacitor is used?

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Naim will have tried many others at a similar price point and deliberately selected this one as sounding the best.

You and/or your tech are welcome to disagree with this and buy a different amp instead. I would say, though, that your tech was incorrect to say that a 2001 Nait 5i would have been made in China. You may therefore wish to treat his other advice cautiously.


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You seem dissatisfied with your amp.
I haven’t the slightest knowledge to capacitors or their quality.
I liked my 5i amp for what it was but have since moved on.

Maybe you should consider listening to another amp ?

It was explained to me that this type of capacitor is only used in TVs and game consoles and is not used at all in high quality amplifiers. They do not affect the sound in any way because they are used for completely different purposes. I checked the part number on the amp and it turns out to be from 2005