Naim Nait 5i should it be turned off

I have a Naim Nait 5i amplifier from the first series. I read somewhere that it should be left on continuously. In the first few days, it plays with more bass, and the sound clears up after the third day. The problem is that after a week, it starts to sound flat and without bass. The amplifier has not undergone maintenance.

Yes, turn it off at nights, when out and not in use.
But as its rather old it probably need service.

If this is a very early 5i, it could be 2009 vintage ? If that’s the case my thoughts are that it almost certainly needs to be recapped. You could have it done by Naim themselves, but that would cost you over £300. A much better bet would be to take it or send it to Darren at Class A audio in Sheffield. It will be much cheaper and Darren does a first class job.


it is from 2001

Maybe the OP is outside UK.
Who knows ?
Fact is the world is large and this forum have a WW reach.

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That may be so, but the advice is good irrespective of where you’re based.

As you’ve said the world is smaller, therefore it could be posted directly to Class A, which is what was being advised.


Im’m not from the UK. Is there a place to send the amplifier for maintenance? I don’t know how to handle it correctly. When I turn it off, it sounds good after a few days, but if it stays off for more than a week, it doesn’t sound good again. How can I tell if there’s a problem with the amplifier or if it’s just the way Naim is. And after maintenance, will I be able to leave it turned on? What’s the best way to get the best sound?

Sure there is.
Your local dealer or Distributor.

If none you might use a qualified local tech co.
A Nait 5i is not rocket science.

Shipping to UK with customs etc could delay things.
Living in EU I’d never send my Naim boxes to UK with the troublesome hazzle it could bring.

Will anything improve after the repair?

If you go on the Naim website, you can check the serial number for when it was made.

You can also email Naim Customer Service with the model details and serial number asking for the service history of it and dealer details for your country for getting it serviced.

And yes, will make a good improvement.

Good luck.


My original Nait 5 is always on and used most of the day. In which country are you?

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I’m from Bulgaria. There is someone here to repair it. My naim nait 5i is mostly used in the evening. It stayed on for a week until yesterday when I turned it off. It didn’t sound good

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I rather suspect it’s not your Naim but rather lousy power. There tends to be many more people using AC power in the evening. I’d suggest you look into an AudioQuest power conditioner. Numerous people here have them. The model 1200 would be most likely perfect for you. There are numerous dealers in Bulgaria, I only looked in Sofia. AudioQuest has a dealer locator on their website.

in Bulgaria no have problem with AC power :smiley: .The amp does not play well when I turn it on or when it has been left running for over a week. It doesn’t matter if it’s evening

Any good tech should be able to replace the old electrolythic capacitors in it.

I never turn my Naim equipment off.

That was always the advice that I got from Grahams HiFi when I bought my Naim components from them over 30 years ago.

(Although obviously I don’t have the LP12/Armageddon switched on unless I’m playing LPs.)

I did the same thirty years ago.
Things move on, climate crisis, expensive electricity bills, hearing detoriate with age, some boxes have stand-by.

Again, Naim don’t recommend power conditioners.


what does this mean? I heat myself with air conditioning. Today the sound is better. Maybe it’s really from dc power

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Still the same advice today from Naim. Leave on 24/7 unless it has a stand by setting.