Naim nait 5i sound problem

Hello. I own a naim nait 5i amp not italics. I’m having problems with the system and I hope to solve it. The sound is not clear and the bass is boomy at times. I know that Naim is capricious in terms of connections and components. With tube dac, rca mogami and chord cables. I will change the loudspeakers in the future - dali zensor 3. I did a test with the old amplifier, which is several times cheaper and sounds normal. The naim 5i has not had its capacitors replaced. I keep it running all the time. How can I tell if the problem is in the system or if the amplifier needs maintenance.

It’s probably due a service. Look up the serial number here to determine the age. If more than 12 then a service should be considered.

The italic came out 2008, so yes definitely yours will be older than 15 years and due a service.


I have a 5i and am surprised at your description of the sound so would suspect that a service is required. I have Dali oberon 5’s and they can sound a little boomy in a small room but never lack clarity and separation with the 5i. If you have another pair of speakers it might be worth trying them in case of a mismatch between the 5i and your Zensors.

If you don’t know its history, I would just get it serviced… :thinking:

by the number it can be seen that it is from the first nait 5i. I thought it was from the speakers, but I began to doubt that it was only from that. It sounds like the amplifier doesn’t have enough power and can’t drive the speakers well. The reviews I read said completely different things about the sound of the nait 5i

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