NAIM NAIT 5i Speakers Recommendation

I listen to most of my music on vinyl and have a wonderful LP12 with Ittok arm. I have a Rega Fono MkII pre-amp and NAIM NAIT 5i amp. At the moment I have a pair of Rega RS5 speakers.

I’ve always been a bit disappointed with the Rega RS5s mostly due to the weak bass perhaps as a result of the side mounted bass speakers. I’m looking to upgrade I wondered which speakers you would recommend for my setup. I ask also because I’ve been offered some Linn Majik 140 speakers for 900 Euros and I wondered if these might be a good match ?

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I had a Nait 5i and loved it. Paired with a CD5 into a pair of PMC 20.23s it was superb. I still miss those PMCs.


Is this post in any way related to your thread on the Linn’s feet?

What is the cartridge?

Which speaker cables do you have?

Have you tried all permutations of speaker positions, bass firing outwards, inwards, distance from back wall etc?

Or are you just set on speaker change? It’s not a crime! But I am trying to get to the bottom of what is going on for you in your audio life. IME speakers are generally quite good at reproducing what they are fed.

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Neat motive sx3 …plenty of well timed bass



No not related to the feet. My cartridge is an Audio Technica AT-VM95ML. Speaker Cables Chord Company Clearway.

As regards speaker position I have tried bass firing out and inwards. The later provided more bass and the Linn + AT-VM95M also made things sound better. However no matter which way I point the bass speaker there are objects (chairs, hi-fi rack). Speakers are in a lounge 5m x 6m which also has a bay window (to the left of the left speaker). Sorry but what is an IME speaker ?

I’m not set on a speaker change but have the feeling that I’m missing some of the fullness and detail that I’ve heard on other (admittedly more expensive systems). I suspect that it’s the speakers that are the weak point but can’t be sure. Just wondered if there was a clear and significant improvement that could be suggested.

…And also a sweet top end and mid-range.

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I’ve got a Nait 5i, CD 5i, Rega Fono Mk1, and Rega P25 feeding an older set of PMC LB1s. The match between the Nait 5i and PMCs is superb. No issues with bass …


Thanks for responding Jim.

To be brief, I think you are running a bright cartridge into a bright phono stage. Substitute your cartridge with a Rega Elys 2, or Exact, and I think you will get the bass back. Consequently there will be no need to change your speakers.

(IME = In my experience)

I am running a new Nait XS2 on my system (based on a Rega P8) and I am running Rega RS3 speakers that I thought were a bit bass shy.

Adding the XS2 with NAC A5 speaker cable made a big difference, using DIN cables from my CD Player (Marantz CD6000 KI Signature) and phono stage (also a Rega Fono MK2 but about to become a Rega Aria) Also helped depth of bass. When I added a HiCap the other day that just added to the depth of the bottom end again.

When I heard them with a bass heavy track there was PLENTY there, and when tracks with less bass played they sounded as they should.

I think speaker position, cables inc. speaker cable etc would be my first tweaks. I would also seriously consider an Aria for that quality of turntable.


Thanks, That’s really interesting because before owning the LP12 I had a Rega Planar 3. An old warhorse that served me well ! I used both a Rega Elys 2 and then an Exact on this table Both of these seemed to be far more bass shy than the LP12 and the AT-VM95ML. In fact it’s only since swapping to the LP12 that I feel the bass is anywhere near powerful enough. The change to the Linn (Ittok arm) has been a really significant improvement overall.

Here’s my P3 on my Olive system (it has a Reson Mica, essentially a Tweaked Goldring 1042). Zero issues with bass.

I also have a ATVM95SH on my P8 which is the one with the Rega RS3’s.


The 5i is a favorite of mine. Loved it with n-Sats and was surprised how well it did with Allaes, a really nice combination in modest size rooms. Have yet to try it with my KEF LS50’s or Harbeth P3-ESRs but I bet it will sound great. I regard this little amp highly.

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My brother has a Unitiqute with N sat and it sounds great. I used to have a Nait 5i, which I think is a very nice amplifier, and I was able to listen to N sat on it and I think it’s a great combination. However, it depends a lot on the room how N sat will perform in the bass, but you can always add N sub.

Naim nac5A speaker cable might be a cheep fix, they play with a heavy bass.

I have a Clearaudio Emotion now coupled with Rega Aethos and a Pro-Ject DS2 (it’s the valve one)

When I bought the Aethos the Rega Fono got added to the mix without audition as an add on.

I quickly came to the conclusion that the Fono was a little bit underwhelming and replaced in quick order. Before you go for the change in speakers you might want to beef up the phono stage

That would be the other way of dealing with a cartridge phonostage mismatch. A Stageline would be ideal with the AT cartridge if powered from a used Naim iSupply.

I auditioned a Nait 5i (mine) with some P3ESR ES’s and some new Rogers LS3.5a yesterday and honestly it sounded spectacular.
Will depend on the music you like to listen to, but with vocal and Jazz either was really fantastic with the 5i.

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Thank’s for the heads up! I’ll just have to get moving and check that out.


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