Naim Nait 5i volume fluctuations

Hi I have recently been given (on long term loan) a Naim Nait 5i from my father as he has gone back to using his Quad that he has since the 70’s after a process of restoration. The Nait was bought in Sept 2010 and has been in a cupboard unused for the post 2 years.

After an initial issue with a ground loop hum which I fixed by grounding one of the audio inputs directly, the system was sounding great. My setup consists of the Nait, Pro-Ject T1 Phono SB (brand new), Apple Airport express (for streaming), B&W 607 speakers (brand new) with chord company connectors to link everything together.

After a few weeks of enjoying some great sounding music I started to notice a fluctuation in volume whilst listening. This happens randomly but often and is very noticeable, like a flicking between high and low volume. It happens with both inputs I have ie. turntable and Airport, I have swapped inputs but does not make a difference. I have wiggled cables and wires whilst listening to see if it is a loose connection but it doesn’t seem to be.

Does anyone have any ideas? Is it the Nait or should I be looking elsewhere?
I would appreciate any suggestions as you can imagine this make listening a very unenjoyable experience.

Many thanks

Can you confirm it’s a NAIT5i, or is it the earlier NAIT5?

Ah yes you are correct. It a Nait 5. I will amend the post accordingly.

Ah, ok, so much older than 2010 (the 5 arrived in 2000). Unfortunately it sounds very much like the resistor ladder encoder may be failing. AFAIK Naim can still replace this. Best check with your Naim dealer or someone like Class A for a proper diagnosis and a repair quote.

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