Naim nait xs 2 vs Rega elicit r

I’m upgrading my system and want to replace my amplifiers , I can have Naim nait xs 2 with a good price but hesitating between Naim nait xs 2 and Rega elicit r , does anybody has the experience with these two amplifiers and what’s is the benefit of XS-2 over 5SI and Rega elicit r


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Ultimately it comes down to system synergy. I’ve only listened briefly to the Elicit-R but based on memory it was a bit leaner/brighter than the Naim XS-2. I previously owned both the XS-2 and 5 (i and si). The XS-2 is a brilliant amp, as is the 5(i/si) - each in their respective price range. XS is clearly the better amp, as it should be, and has the advantage of being upgradeable with a separate power supply at a later stage should you so desire.

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fwiw, I had a XS 2 for awhile prior to my SN 2 and it is a wonderful amplifier. No experience with Rega so can not comment.

I ran a ND5 XS 2 > XS 2 > NAC A5 > into ProAc D2 speakers and then into NAIM Ovator S-400 before moving on to the SN2.

Good luck with your decision.

New here but I had an Elicit R and it was ok but didn’t have the body or grunt of the SN 2 I have now. With the SN 2 replaced by the SN 3 , many good deals on the 2’s that remain.

Older XS are a bargain s/h, sometime available below €800-900.

Elicit have on-board phonostage
In fact I liked the Elex/R better than Elicit/R in absolute terms in a previous complete Rega setup.

Best decision for OP must come down to what other kit in chain, and of course if demo possible.

Although it will depend on system matching particularly the loudspeakers, your listening preferences will determine whether the Nait XS2 or Rega Elicit-R is a better amp. I’ve tried the predecessor of both amps in my system - Nait XS and Rega Elicit. Both amps sound rather similar but the Nait XS (as with other Naim amps) shows slightly better pace, rhythm and timing than the Rega amp.

I’ve moved on to higher range Naim amps but if you ask me, I will always pick the Naim over Rega for one simple reason - I don’t really like how Rega amps (or any other non-Naim amps) sound. Also, the build quality of Naim is higher than Rega, if that’s important to you.

I don’t think that across the board the Naim sounds best. Maybe it a IMO kind of thing. Accuphase, Levinson, Krell, ARC, lots of great amps. I think without having heard all contenders it’s hard to have a complete opinion :grinning:

Thanks everybody for your responses , I bought a new XS2 and I’m really happy with it and start to revising all my collection and rediscovering a new world of music


Congrats, I’ve had the same dilemma and went with XS2.Great amp :love_you_gesture:

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