Naim Nait XS2 and Narcom 5 Remote Control

Hi Guys,

New to the forum so please be gentle.
Firstly an introduction to me, I have been into HiFi and Music for 40 years having varying systems but nothing that could be classed as high end, best description would be a dabbler, but my missus has decided that I needed to reduce the amount of units and cables, after months of surfing including this forum to the extent I was allowed I thought Naim would be the best solution (with room to manoeuvre, but that’s a secret). My system is very modest, Thorens TD150.Akito2B/ATVM540ML, Naim Nait XS2 (2019), Naim ND5 XS2 (2017), Naim Stageline N, Naim NACA5, Origin Power Supply, Neat Motive SX3, very very pleased with my choice, sound is a substantial upgrade for me.
Sorry for the ramble, down to my issue, I have scoured the forum for anything related but nothing that jumped out at me, I am only able to adjust the volume of the Nait with the Narcom 5, no other functions are available, i.e. switch to Aux1, Tuner etc, is that the limitation of use for this combination, a few months ago I tried a reset but cannot find what i did and I remember it allowed me to move the functions on the Nait using the 2 arrows going to the right button on the remote until it reached the end Aux2, that was it, no further movement.
Hope this is clear, sorry for rambling.


Andy, welcome to the forum. Have you pressed the Pre soft key to enable the preamp functions in the remote control?

With the remote in preamp mode (as above) you should be able to select the inputs on the Nait with the numeric keys.


I control my volume from the remote control on occasion, most of the time it is via the Naim App on my iPad with a connection between the remote out on the streamer to the remote in on the SN2. Then off course there is old school and walk over to the volume control on the amp and turn it.

Hi Richard,

Mighty quick response, and the right one, this is probably how I got it to work the first time, but only pressed it once prior to using the arrows thinking it would retain the setting.
Thank you, I will be in the good books, which will give me time to search further into the forum.


Thank you all for your very quick responses.

Well I’ll be damned, I wish o had known this 18 months ago :joy: Too late to be much use now the only sources I have are turntable and streamer.

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