Naim Nait xs2 or Nap140 Cb as a power amp?

Strange question perhaps but as I have both available I am wondering if anyone has compared these. I have an Olive nac 82, a classic Hicap Dr and a CB Nap140 ‘spare’ as well as the xs2. I would like to sell one of the power amps so which one to keep? ( XS2 would be used with the Hicap as just a power amp).

Why don’t you compare them?
Views of others are of limited value surely?

Indeed I shall.


If anyone is interested I find the XS2 a little too bright compared to the 140CB.

(Removed all the misunderstandings)

I’ve probably misunderstood, you mean 82/hicap/xs2 power amp “in”?

Yes,82/hicap/xs2 power amp.

Trade xs2 and 140 for an olive 250?
I’d think 140 over the xs2.

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