Naim Nait XS2

Morning troops. Just an idea, but some advice would be grand. I have a Nait XS2, runs with a Flatcap XS2. I would like to maybe use the Nait XS2 as a pre amp. What would be a suitable power amp to use? Olive or Classic as I also have an Olive second set up.
Just feeling out for ideas. Thanks :heart:

My best guess would be a NAP 200

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If you wish for a close match on aesthetics, consider NAP 155 XS

Otherwise, the more recently discontinued NAP200.
The DR variant is probably best.

If you didn’t mind mixing Olive and Classic black, then also take a look at the indomitable NAP250, which seem to go for just over £1k. Although it’s Olive, it’s also a classic (collectible item). LOL :joy:

Have you yet considered swapping FC for a HiCap ?
I found the latter a much more significant upgrade to my own XS2.

Good luck


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Just about any Naim poweramp, depending on budget, would be fine, however for the price of your amp you can surely get a better preamp than what’s inside a XS2. ( I paid less than €2K for my s/h 202/200 :smile: )

Since you have a Flatcap, you can run Nap 100 and Nap 250 as these don’t have preamp PSU inside.

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I have seen an Olive 180 for sale, serviced at a very good price. All original, paperwork and boxed. Tempted…
But the NAP 250 would be good. Too much choice :thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking:

What’s the budget? You might be able to sell the Nait and Flatcap and get a Supernait.

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hicap DR in
flatcap out
Though I do not not what speakers you have

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Just interested, any reason why you don’t use the XS2 as a power amp to a different pre? I’ve idly thought about upgrading my XS3, and even if I think I’m better off with a SN3, or any replacement thereof, when I do think about the additional complexity of a pre/power setup, it’s adding a pre (NAC 72 or 82 I think would both be awesome) to my XS3 rather than a power amp. The only issue to me is aesthetics, I think it’d look a bit strange having two boxes with loads of buttons on the front X) But that’s hopefully not an overriding consideration?

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Budget is not an issue. Is there a huge difference between the Nait XS2 and a Supernait 2/3?

I could do. So many options, it can be a bit tricky getting the right match. But just an idea for the future really

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Yes, I would say the biggest difference is that the Supernait has the power to drive more demanding speakers, especially at higher volumes and in larger rooms.

That’s what I was thinking. My main room is 8m x 4m, so not massive. Also concrete, as I live in a 60s brutality high rise.
I’m happy with the sound, but just ideas for the future

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I think a lot depends on your speakers and your end game.
Do you want separate pre/power and do your speakers “need more”?
If no then I think a hicap would be a big upgrade on the flatcap.
Then I would get 200Dr poweramp - (250 if you can stretch to it - but 200DR is a great amp until you get into power hungry floor standers)
Then 282 pre with your new hicap !

I actually had an XS2 running as a Power amp for 9 months with my KEF speakers when I got a 272 to replace my EOL sonos connect streamer.

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I’m using the XS2 to power NAC 202 via a hicap DR , I’m really happy with the result and the preamp was the missing part from my configuration and I regret that I didn’t buy it from beginning. I even tried the combination with a Nait 5si and it was a joy , I might sell xs2 and hicap and replace them with a 200 DR.
Happy listening.

Keep the hi cap even if you get 200 you will miss if it’s gone


If you want to add to your XS2, I suspect it would be much better to add a preamp rather than a power amp. That’s certainly what Naim recommend. If it were me I wouldn’t bother, I’d just swap the XS2 and Flatcap for a Supernait 3. It’s got a lot more grunt, and at 4x8 your room is far from small.


My listening room is a little bigger than Rob and I have to keep the knob between 8:30 to 10 (too loud ) o’clock but my speaker sensitivity is 99 db. For me the preamp was the refinement that was missing from my configuration. But you have to keep in mind that for a NAC 202 you need a NAPSC for the digital circuit if you want the NAC to do the magic. :smile:

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If I understand correctly the
DR = Discrete Regulator. So a Regulator using discrete components, rather than IC’s.

DR is applied only to Regulated Power Supplies (AFAIK). Which (generally) power a Pre Amp. The HiCap DR is an example of a Power Supply for a Pre Amp.

The NAP200 is the oddity, in being a Power Amp with a built in Pre-amp power supply, which can be DR’ed. (The same trick could be applied to ‘lower’ power amps but isn’t.)

The NAP250 and above power amps are Regulated Amps and so have Regulated Power Supplies, which can be DR’ed.

So what’s the benefit to have a 200DR and the same time hicap DR ?

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You get a better ps for the pre amp section and frees up power to the amp section.
I have a 202/200dr and when I added napsc and flatcap the sound stage got bigger and better separation of instruments. Also better dynamics. And the hi cap should make an even bigger improvement.
I had my flatcap rebuilt and it’s sounding so good I haven’t been in a hurry to get a hi cap. Im sure I will eventually.

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