Naim name

I always wonder where the “ Naim “ brand name coming from?

Naim is a quite common Turkish name…

The grand mother of Yael Naim created the brand.

It is the one question you are not allowed to ask.

I think they just played with the word “name” and called it Naim instead - pronounced exactly the same, while, please correct me if I’m wrong, the turkish pronunciation for a person’s name is Naaeem.

I thought it was from the Arabic meaning pleasant or tranquil

If this post had been made on the first day of the month I would have written a long convoluted tale about how Julian V had a terrible memory and could never remember what he called the company and when asked in an interview said the Name is naim ? The interviewer’s spelling wasn’t too good either :wink:

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Never Ask Ivor’s Mum

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Who? Ivor Hardy?

If we tell you, we have to kill you, its a hidden secret :slight_smile:

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There was a competition once to see who could come up with the best acronym interpretation for N…A…I…M

Eg Natural And Involving Music

There might even have been a prize.

You’re basically correct, Na-eem means bliss. On the other hand Na-yem means sleeping :slight_smile:

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