Naim Nap 100?

Will Naim add a small power amp to its line or was it the 40w Atom unity?

No one has a crystal ball unfortunately and Naim never (intentionally) disclose their product roadmap before launch.

While many are hoping for a shoebox sized 100 series from Naim, the general consensus is that the days of entry level pre and power amps from Naim is over. The NAP250 is their new starting point.

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It is unfortunate. In a near future i am looking for a small power amp. I just sold my Cambridge audio Azur 840w to downsize my system. Just enough to have dynamic out of bookshelves speakers. And aesthetically to fit my Uniti Atom HE. I hope Naim will do it at some point.

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Naim have moved to price point portfolio sadly. That means Naim do cater to entry level to high end price points for a system but the user can’t choose the configuration much. So if you want a more powerful upgrade to the Atom, Naim have it. It’s the Star or Nova. In other words, if you want a 4k pound system with a Naim badge on it, they make one. Bit if you want it in 2 boxes, you’ll need to find another brand.

I agree it’s sad but a lot of lucrative markets are filled with people who just think, “I have X budget for a hifi. I don’t care what shape it comes in as long as it has the Naim logo.

Whereas myself (and I suspect you also) might decide what type of product you want first and the price and brand second.

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The Atom Uniti is not a poweramp but a complete all-in-one stereo system.

I doubt Naim will release affordable power amplifiers in future - but you never know.

The good thing is you can buy second hand half width Nap 100, 110, 140 and possible have it serviced and recapped.

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You can buy one of these second hand;

Or one of the older models as mentioned.

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The NAP100 is a a superb amp, please note this won’t power a Naim pre (152, 202 etc) like the 110 or 140 but what a little cracker of an amp, I much preferred the 100 over a 140 but my favourite shoebox is the 110.


Yes thanks, i know that the Atom uniti 40 w is not a power amp.

Indeed it is
I have two awaiting for a run as Left only +Right only channel function, not sure I can call them Nap 50 in the config.

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this is why I think the 2nd hand market is going to be really active for a few years. people still want these types of configurations

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