Naim NAP 135 mono blocks with a single subwoofer

I wondered if anyone had tried a single subwoofer at speaker level connection to a pair of NAP 135 amps ? If so how did you connect the wires please?

Easiest and cheapest is generally to take the high level connection from the speaker input rather than the power amps, as with any Naim amp.

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I was told if you have a PS you could run a sub from an output?

You can run a pre-amp level output to a suitably pre-level input equipped subwoofer, however, the Naim pre-amp PS was never designed to drive a long cable so you do need to ensure that the cable you use is of low capacitance and may need to be “slugged” to prevent pre-amp instability. Naim’s own pre-amp sub leads came in 5m or 10m lengths and were fitted with a 100R resistor. Also bear in mind that there’s the chance of a small but perceptible impact on overall performance when going this way.

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