Naim NAP 155 and NAP 152 add on help

I have an old 5i Integrated and sound great still. I saw s good deal in the 155 and 152 together and just ordered them. I have a PS Audio Direct Stream Dac and Transport and a VPI turntable. I have a question about the added on hi cap etc. that is really confusing to me. I would like to get a phono preamp for a moving coil cartridge (I have an LFD phono preamp right now) or a hi cap power supply but I am really confused with what I need or if I need either of these items. I have tubes but have a new grandson and trying to get away from the heat and he possibly burning his fingers. I have Dynaudio Special 40 speakers and Naim speaker wire. What would be the next logical step or two for me? Thanks for any and all help.

Welcome to the forum and also to the small and highly select group of NAC152XS/ NAP155XS owners here :slight_smile:

Rather than change everything at once, I would try your existing LFD phono stage in the first instance. It can be connected with RCAs to the preamp but Naim prefer a DIN connection (for reasons that others will be able to explain).

The power supply options on the NAC152XS are slightly confusing.

In the simplest case, it is powered from the supply built into the NAP155XS.

When the 152XS was released it was suggested that the ideal supply was the Flatcap XS. This can be connected to both upgrade 1 and upgrade 2 of the 152XS. It is probably true to say that this combination gives the sound balance that Naim intended from its preamp.

A Hicap (only capable of supplying one Naim item) would typically be connected to upgrade 2 only.

I take nothing away from the Nait 5i when I say you should experience a good performance upgrade with your new pre-power. Be sure to mount them on an appropriate support, not just one box stacked on top of the other.

Hope that helps.


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Just in case your LFD phonostage is mm, Naim offer mc phonostages. These are the Stageline S and the Superline. Either can be plugged into the powered Aux2 socket on the back of your pre but will benefit from other power supplies should you wish.

Thanks for the help Christopher_M!
My LFD phonostage is indeed moving coil so I will use that. Thanks for the advice. My rack is Quadraspire so I can order extra shelves. I might have to stack the amp and preamp temporarily until I can get another shelf. Is that going to be a major problem for me? I can try to figure something else out until I can get extra shelves. The added on power caps are confusing to me. How many components will the Flatcap XS power?
Thanks for turn help once again.

The Flatcap XS can power two things. The 152 has two power supply upgrades, so the Flatcap can power both of them. It’s well worth looking at the product manuals on the Naim website. This will help you get your head around it all. If you do decide to get the FC you will need to buy an additional Snaic5 if you want to power both upgrades.

Regarding stacking the two boxes: it’s not a good thing long term as you defeat the whole point of separating the pre and power amp.


It’s as HH says, FCXS will power two Naim items, in this case each upgrade on the 152XS being considered as a single item.

It’s good that you have a decent rack. While you wait for more shelves, could the power amp be placed on the floor as a short term measure?

I can’t comment on the phono stage but when I had xs pre and power I preferred the flat cap xs on upgrade 1&2 on pre. I tried the hicap dr but found it forced and thickened the sound a bit if that makes sense.

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Got my amp and preamp in and hooked up with extra shelves. Sounds great! I wonder if the Naim FlatCap XS would make it even better? Thoughts?

When I added FCxs to 152xs there was a definite improvement. Very worthwhile in my view. More musical and organised presentation.

So far installed I am not ad impressed as I thought I would be. I am used to tubes so this is a departure and might take getting used to. Missing the clarity and sparkle that tubes provided. I am using RCA interconnects however. Maybe a interconnect with RCA our from my PS Audio to the din connector on the preamp might help. Right now I am underwhelmed. Don’t know if I want to go to the extra expense of a flatcap as of right now.

Were the 152/155 new or used?

If new, let them run in for a while - like a week or two.

If used, as above - can take a while for Naim to settle in.

Brand new. Had them since Wednesday. Hoping they settle in. No hurries. Doesn’t Sound bad just nothing special right now.

Ah! Give them a while - and I mean a couple of weeks - to fully settle in. Leave them on 24/7 - they consume very little electricity at idle, and it allows the preamp in particular to stabilize.

It’s a good amp set - though as you’ve already noticed, VERY different presentation from tube systems.

Yeah, I had a similar experience with a 152/155 combo. I even tried adding the Flatcap XS. Not for me, I was never able to gain that magic sparkle/glow/touch/texture I was craving. For now I’m sticking with my Nait 2 (I love this little amp!), but moving to a tube integrated will happen in the future.

Btw – I’m also using the PS Audio DirectStream DAC. When I had the 152/155 it sounded better when I installed some of earlier versions such as Torreys and RedCloud…maybe give them a try.

Good luck!!!

Give it time as others have said.

Having said that, whenever I have plugged in a bit of Naim kit from cold, I have liked it straight away. And then it just got better as it warmed through.

Out of interest, what was it you liked about the Nait 5i so much? And is that thing missing now with the pre-power combo?

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