Naim NAP 200 + Hicap vs Nap 200 DR

Hi guys,
i need some advise for my hifi system (NAP 200 + NAC 202). As my hicap is damaged i am looking for a new component.
Should i go for a hicap dr or replace the nap 200 with a nap 200dr amplifier, the cost is about the same.

Thanks for your advice

Iā€™d get the Hicap fixed.

The Hicap will be a bigger uplift that a 200DR. Having the Hicap upgraded to DR spec is very expensive, so trading it in for a replacement is cheaper in most cases.

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HiCap fixed, then save up for a 282


A damaged Hicap may just need a service.
Might be cheaper than changing power amp.

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