Naim NAP 250-2 and Kef 104/2

Is anyone running KEF 104/2 on the end of their NAP 250-2? Match made in …?

Also Im using a quality generic copper stranded speaker cable, should I go for some lengths of NACA5?

Thank you

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I do.In the past with 250 olive and now with 250DR.Many years of musical satisfaction.A good source is a must.I am using 2x3 m NACA5.

I’m driving fully refurbished Kef R107’s with an SN2, and they sound excellent.
I’m currently using a high-quality, multi-stranded, rope braided, 9 awg speaker wire; but I look forward to buying a set of Witch Hat Phantom cables. I believe they wil improve the sound.

I used that combo for a while, All the 250s I had loved the Kef 104.2 and always with NACA5.

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Problem with some Kef vintage is they need attention, recone, repair, dryed out tweeter cooling oil etc.
Fix this and they are stonking bargains, though not the prettiest.

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I’ve taken care of my Kefs and the foam and fixtures are all still mint. They’re old speakers but still sound great. I have still have mine and will be getting a Nova or Atom to use with them in a second system.

All speakers degrade with time. My 104/2 have new tweeters, serviced crossovers (Falcon Acoustics) and the surrounds are rubber and 100% sound, oh and they’ve been professionally reveneered in walnut by a professional.

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