Naim Nap 250 chrome bumper

In the Naim Nap 250 Chrome Bumber what type is the power connecter? Thank you

Standard IEC as with other types of 250.

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Unless… its a very early one, where I believe a Bulgin connector was used. Maybe only on the Bolt Down case versions…?


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In the early days (pre '80) Naim used a round pin Bulgin type connector on the NAP110, 120, and NAP160, and a power Cannon XLR-LNE type on the NAP250 (see below)


It’is that connector in the photo.

The XLR-LNE is not so easy to find these days. Probably best keep an eye out for one on eBay and the like.

I know, I’ve already seen that it’s very hard to find, maybe finding only the connecter of can auto build the power cable

Yes, probably best to look for a NOS connector on eBay (they do sometimes crop up - look for Cannon XLR-LNE ) or similar and then build up a new mains cable.

A question here for @NeilS ; As these are no longer approved for domestic use, do Naim stick with them on any units in for service or do you replace with an IEC?

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A search will find this connector - at £30-00, new, from a retailer in the UK… :astonished:

Also from an eBay Seller, at the same price -
“Cannon XLR Type CEA AXR-LNE-12 3 Way 250Vac 6A Cable Connector MBH007F”

I believe that the legislation is not retrospective, so we leave these connectors when servicing.
Also modification to IEC would be quite a task!



Thanks Neil.

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