Naim NAP 250

I first time seen this NAP 250 .
Where this use ?

It’s a pro audio version. Probably sold to the BBC.

XLR inputs and Speakon loudspeaker connectors.

And clearly a mod not original, as quite apart from the manner of labelling, the silkscreen writing refers to the old banana sockets, the location of one on each side still visible.

Does it differ by sound from the regular version?

It should be otherwise identical to a 250.2 (before the current DR version).

The mod may have been done by BBC not Naim

Naim built some special NAP250s (NAP250Pro) for the BBC. These had special balanced XLR inputs and Speakon speaker connectors.

Whether the one pictured in the opening post is a legitimate Naim built unit (NAP250 converted to a 250Pro, perhaps?) is probably best checked with Naim. Is there a Naim serial number on the unit?

No serial number

No idea then. What does the owner say about it?

I contact owner and wait answer

The fact it doesn’t say “pro” and has holes where banana posts used to be is a bit suspicious. The history of the unit should be interesting.

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