Naim NAP 250

Now that Naim have released the new NAP250 and older models are becoming available, which series is the one to have and why?
If we say that all versions have been serviced recently, which gives the best bang for your bucks?

Okay… Well, IMO (YMMV, etc), there is no such thing as a ‘bad’ 250. In which case, the best ‘bang’ for your £/$/etc is the one you can find for the least money.

Other opinions will be along shortly… :laughing:


As said price vs performance should be the decider. I love the look of the cb kit, but at the price a classic 250-2 sounds better to my ears. Cb 250’s are becoming more expensive vs 250-2 softening. If you have the money to spare the 250DR adds a lot with the right source.

It becomes increasingly complicated to compare as you mix and match different era psu, pre and power amps. I found with the nac 82 and a non DR hicap, the 250DR didn’t shine over the 250-2. Replacing the Hicap with the Hicap DR allowed the 250 DR to show its superiority.

Of the older NAP250s it’s as much a question of condition, servicing, and your preference of era. Having said that, I do have a soft spot for when the CB 250 really came of age around 1985 with the NA001s and the higher rated 500VA transformer.

Overall though I’d say that the NAP250DR is the performance champion, provided your source and pre-amp are up to it.


Thats what I have… :slightly_smiling_face:

Bought (new), Dec’85 - S/No. 258xx.

My favorite was the early Olive, those with H+F trafo.
Same with CB.
Then came 250DR which is different and in some setups better.
Never came on with 250.2


Micky, Source and preamp to be sorted first before any iconic NAP250 considerations imo.


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One with a 600va sounds good.And can be found for good money. But, i dont think the 600va was that common?

The answer depends, in part, on your speakers. The 250.2 and 250DR are a step up from their predecessors in their ability to drive demanding speakers well, so in some systems this will tip the balance further in their favour.

The 250DR is still the one to have imo. If you’re into the older kit I’d go for a recently serviced olive 250, it was a boogie machine with a 72/HC.


And still is.


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