NAIM NAP NAC for B&W 803 D3's

if one makes the jump to B&W 803 D3’s, which NAP/NAC from NAIM is in the running to build a nicely balanced set up with an audio streamer like a NDX 2 as source?

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I have 804D3 and I use NDX2 (SuperLumina DIN interconnect) into NAC252 preamp powered by Supercap DR into NAP300DR powered by its 300PSU obviously.

It sounds rather good!

I’d consider this as the minimum for your 803D3 to bring out what these amazing speakers are capable off.


Agree with @marka here, and I’ve used both a NAC252/NAP300 and NAC552/NAP500 with 803D3 speakers - both work well, and complement the speakers well.

Do try and get an audition for yourself.


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