Naim NAP100 usefull upgrade?


I Own a Naim Unitiqute 1 and this one is connected to a pair of Epos ES-11

Im thinking of upgrading to the Naim NAP 100
Is this an usefull upgrade?

Regards Joris

It can be if your speakers require a bit more power, I had a Unitiqute2 and added a Nap100 which worked well for me. I have no personal experience of your speakers but from a quick google check at the specs maybe a Nap100 would be a good addition, obviously if you can find a friendly dealer to let you try would be a bonus.

I can buy a second hand one for euro 425

Good price.

Welcome along Joris.

If you want to open up the potential of the UQ2 to work with a greater range of speakers that require a little more power amp control (Dynaudio for example), then adding a NAP would be a good move, with provisos…

If you can audition the NAP100 with your UQ2, and your speakers prior to purchase, then I would do so. Personally, when I had a dealer demo of adding power amps to my UQ2 last year - a 2nd hand NAP100, and then NAP250 (non DR), I experienced only a marginal, subtle improvement. So, unless you are driving inefficient speakers that are a difficult load, say in a large listening room, then the UQ2 is surprisingly capable on its own. If you intend to use the proposed NAP as a stepping stone to Naim separates then fine, but I’d go for a NAP200 (to power the pre) over the 100 if this was the case. Consider your intended end point.

As my speakers are pretty efficient the UQ2 can drive them to ear bleeding levels in my small listening room, so I decided to hold onto the cash for the time being and then a little later, bought a turntable instead!

A Guy I know owns a hifi store, he says that it Will be a worthy upgrade
This bevause the unitiqute has not to deliver power which benefits the pre-amp and the streaming section

In theory, what the dealer says is true. However, in my experience, adding a 100 amp to my UQ1 took away the magic, which really is special with appropriate speakers. My theory is that the pre-out on the UQ is not of sufficient quality, could be wrong. In any case, the 100 sounds great paired with the V-1, which was designed to be used as a preamp.

Opinions on this upgrade have always been divided. Some like it, others don’t. You will never know which camp you are in unless you listen for yourself. If the price is right, at least you can sell the 100 if you don’t like it.

I have bought the nap100, I hear no dfference…

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A NAP100 on a UQ2 really only adds a massive benefit if you have a pair of speakers that are a bit of a handful and they support bi-amping so that the NAP100 allows you to give them extra current.

So I suspect the difference between those who heard a big improvement and those who didn’t depends on whether their UQ2 was struggling or not.


Have you set the UnitiQute to speakers off ? i.e. only the Nap100 is powering the speakers.

Of course I have

Wasn’t being cheeky just sometimes these things happen, I did it when I first put a Nap100 on my UnitiQute2.

In my opinion than you get no sound because the speakers are connected in the nap

This is the last time I bought an external power amp. I have had a Linn DSM, added a poweramp… no difference also (using Harbeth speakers)
Its all commercial bullshit.

And no to the cable believers, I am not going to buy an expensive cable to connect the nap with the uniticute

What I think is really a stupid thing from Naim, WHY is There NO Din connection in the uniticute?? The Nap100 had one but why not the Unitiqute?? really stupid from Naim
They make an analoge one but why not a Din???

I’m sorry it hasn’t worked out well for you, the point I was making is that even although you have connected your speaker wires to the NAP100 you also need to go into the UnitiQute menu and set the speakers as off.
But it’s a few years since I’ve had this set up so memory a bit hazy.

No need to say sorry

@glasnaim; you’re correct. You need to go into the menu to the speakers menu and click ‘no speakers’ otherwise the Uniqute is still running its power amp

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